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UsefulDB4O is a Base Class Libray for people working with Db4o (Open Source Object Database) on Net FrameWork. A few classes and features which help you to improve your work:

- migrating RDBMS to Db4o Object Databases (include T4 Templates)
- using Db4o in ASP.NET Web applications
- attributes, extensions methods, etc.


If you don’t know anything about Db4o or object databases, the best place to start is this series of posts made by Roman Stoffel. They are simple and fun.

Principal features of UsefulDB4O

¡¡News, UsefulDB4O in Nuget Gallery!!

Install and use quickly,  Db4o and UsefulDB4O on your ASP.NET project

You can check the nuget example implementation using this code:

UsefulDB4OToWeb.ExampleEntities.ProductsServices service = new UsefulDB4OToWeb.ExampleEntities.ProductsServices();


  1. Sets your databases in a web.config´s section.
  2. In code, just use a method (passing database alias) to get your database. Behind the scenes a new HttpModule is working.

Source examples on Examples/AspNetWebSolutions folder.

More details on this page.


This class allows you to migrate a RDBMS database to Db4o using classes and attributes generated with T4 Templates.

Please read the OleDBDatabaseMigrator page for more details.


This utility allows you to generate a valid Db4o configuration (ICommonConfiguration) using attributes defined on classes and properties.

//Get a list of all entities from one assembly
List<Type> entitityTypes = entitiesAssembly.GetTypes().ToList();

//Create a default configuration
var clientConfig = Db4oEmbedded.NewConfiguration();

//Fill common configuration from entities attributes
ConfigGenerator.GetConfigFromAttributes(clientConfig.Common, entitityTypes);

System Requirements

For development

  1. Visual Studio 2008, 2010
  1. Visual Studio Free Add-ins

For use

  1. Windows XP, 2003, Vista, or 7
  2. NET Framework v3.5sp1 , NET Framework 4


Db4o versions

Tested in 7.12 and 8 versions.

Last tested versions:

db4o for .NET 3.5, version (Development Beta release, Ideal for testing new features)

db4o for .NET 3.5, version (Production Recommended for development with db4o)

db4o for .NET 4, version (Development Beta release, Ideal for testing new features)

UsefulDB4O project use the 8.* version by default but you can change the reference to the 7.12.* version as well.


Before use Db4o  in your projects check the db4o Opensource Compatibility License page.

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